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Brewed in Brooklyn Tour

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Adult 21 years or older
Non-Drinking Adult 21 years or older
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Get Ready for the Best Brooklyn Brewery Tour!

Explore beer, breweries, and the legacy of Brooklyn’s beer brewing industry! Toast your way through the past and present of beer brewing in Brooklyn! Once home to 48 breweries, this ancient and tasty trade disappeared from the borough in the 1970s, only to be reborn in recent years with craft breweries leading the way.

On this tour, we take a behind-the-scenes look at how beer is made at one of Brooklyn’s three present-day breweries, explore the pre-prohibition era as we check out 19th-century brewery buildings and a church, share stories of the German immigrants who worked and lived in the neighborhood in those days, and, of course, have plenty of craft beer and food along the way.

The price of your ticket includes beer tastings and food, transportation, tour map of the neighborhood, and your tour guide.

Tour Highlights:
  • A walking tour of the old Brewers Row with beer stops along the way, including a visit to one of the remaining 19th-century buildings that were at the center of Brooklyn’s beer production
  • A flight at a working brewery
  • Lunch: pizza and lager beer, mmm…
  • Stories of brewing, bottling, and even bootlegging
  • Stories and history of the German Neighborhood
  • Plenty of delicious craft beer in Williamsburg

If you would like to book this as a private tour, please contact us.